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Raritan Valley Tree Service proudly offers the following tree services to residential and commercial property owners in Somerset County NJ and surrounding communities:

Tree Cutting and Tree Removal, Tree Pruning and Tree Trimming, Stump Grinding and Stump Removal, Power Line Clearance, Lot Clearing, Air Spading, Firewood, and Emergency Services


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When you hire Raritan Valley you get a company that can safely handle all aspects of tree
care. Whether hired to prune ornamental trees or to remove a tree of any size or difficulty
every job is performed and supervised by the owners.

Tree Service Middlesex County NJ

For anybody looking for a tree service in New Brunswick NJ and the rest of the local area, getting in touch with Raritan Valley Tree Service is one of the best moves you can make. The absolute best tree service is what we’ve strived to offer for each local home and business owner we serve for decades. We specialize in everything having to do with tree health, tree care, and tree removal. So whether you have to ensure your trees grow as strong and tall as possible or you need them removed from your yard, we have got you covered. When you contact Raritan Valley Tree Service, you get the advantage of working with a contractor under the oversight of certified arborists. Not only will your trees remain healthy and beautiful when you rely on our specialist arborists, but your property will receive increased aesthetic and resale value as well. There’s no job too big or too small for Raritan Valley Tree Service. Just the latest state of the art equipment is utilized for both tree removal and tree maintenance. The next time you require tree service in Middlesex County NJ call us.

Tree Service Middlesex County NJ

Make sure you work with the specialists by selecting Raritan Valley tree service when you require a tree removal company in New Brunswick NJ and the rest of the local area for removal services. You always want to select a contractor who is exceptionally experienced thanks to how complex tree removal can be. We work with the utmost care and take all the safety precautions required any time we’re hired for tree removal. We want to protect both ourselves and the property whenever making a major change to a landscape. When you hire us for tree removal in Middlesex County NJ, an attractive and clean end result attained through safe working conditions is something you’re capable of counting on.

Tree Service Contractor Middlesex County NJ

As a top choice for a tree service in New Brunswick NJ and surrounding local region, we additionally specialize in lot clearing. When you have a major project for which you need land cleared, it can seem like an overwhelming task, particularly when there is a large number of trees and stumps that have to be dealt with. No matter how large or small the job is, this is a service we are capable of offering for both commercial and residential clients. We work closely with all of our clients to make certain that your needs are met. You might have trees on the land which you would like to have preserved, whether it be for personal or even for historic reasons. We can ensure such trees get everything they require to be protected and thrive for years to come while making sure your project is capable of moving forward. Following the completion of the work, you’re not going to have to be worried about any debris being left behind. This is because the tree experts in our employ are dedicated to performing an incredibly thorough job. Are you searching for a highly rated contractor for lot clearing or any other type of tree service in Middlesex County NJ or the rest of the local region? There’s no one else you need to call. To get the job done quickly, efficiently and within your budget, Raritan Valley Tree Service is capable of helping.

Firewood Middlesex County NJ

In terms of seasoned firewood in New Brunswick NJ or the rest of the local area we have all your requirements covered at Raritan Valley Tree Services. Like a lot of homeowners, you may discover that you’re not completely happy with the firewood you’re used to buying at the local grocery store. Ordinary wood just is not always going to cut it, because there’s more to providing a good fire than you may think. Before the fire can start, the substantial water content in unseasoned firewood means that it will have to evaporate. This means more mess and hassle which you’d avoid using the high quality seasoned firewood we’re able to supply at Raritan Valley Tree Services. The moisture content in unseasoned wood is potentially capable of attracting more pests. This isn’t something many people think about. By offering delivery services of top quality wood so you’re capable of getting through the winter, we make it super convenient at Raritan Valley. Whenever you’re looking for weathered firewood in Middlesex County NJ call us right away.

Tree Removal Company Middlesex County NJ

When you’re looking for a tree service in New Brunswick NJ and the rest of the local area the fact that we’re a certified arborist means that Raritan Valley Tree Service is a amazing choice. When it comes to knowledge regarding trees, you’re capable of relying on us. Our crews will be supervised by a certified arborist as opposed to having simply anybody perform the work. A significant amount of specialized training is required to become a certified arborist, since it is more than simply a name. When we perform work on your property, you’re always able to be certain you’re going to be in good hands this way. Are you looking for a tree service contractor in Middlesex County NJ that is a certified arborist? Raritan Valley is the call to make.

Tree Cutting Middlesex County NJ

Tree cutting in New Brunswick NJ and the rest of the local area is capable of being messy, with tree debris frequently left behind. We don’t ever leave debris behind at the end of any tree removal or maintenance job at Raritan Valley Tree Service because we know how important it is to keep your property looking its best. Cutting and trimming trees yourself may seem tempting. However, you will find many advantages to working with expert arborists. You are able to save your trees a lot of damage by working with our expert team, in addition to saving time and stress. By hiring expert arborists like the team at Raritan Valley Tree Service, your trees are going to receive the very best care available, and the best care for their specific tree type. As a top choice for a tree removal contractor in Middlesex County NJ, Raritan Valley Tree Service worked hard to help your property fulfill its true potential with the individualized care which your landscape and trees require.

Tree Cutting Service Middlesex County NJ

As a leading tree service company in New Brunswick NJ and the rest of the local area, the importance of transparent pricing is something we’re well aware of at Raritan Valley Tree Service. We take great care to make certain that our tree removal cost and other pricing is clear and up front because our customers are always our top priority. When working with us, surprise fees or charges on your bill which are unanticipated won’t be things you have to be worried about. Excellent service and great tree care are what we’re all about. The next time you need any type of tree service in Middlesex County NJ, remember to contact Raritan Valley Tree Service today.

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