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Transform unsightly tree stumps into picture-perfect garden beds or lawn space by taking advantage of Raritan Valley Tree Service’s stump grinding services in Somerset and Middlesex Counties.

Some homeowners make the mistake of foregoing stump grinding when they remove trees from their property in an attempt to save money. They make the assumption in due time, the stump will decay. Unfortunately, this is a costly mistake.

Some of the problems caused by leaving tree stumps on your property include:

People, especially young children, can easily trip and fall over tree stumps, leading to injuries that may require medical attention.
Tree stumps attract termites, powder post beetles, carpenter ants, and other wood eating insects. Once these destructive pests finish consuming the stump, their next meal may be your house, fence, or other wooden structures on your property.
Homeowners often have to spend hundreds of dollars repairing or replacing lawnmowers and other yard maintenance equipment damaged by tree stumps.
Tree stumps detract from the beauty of your landscape, which decreases the resale value of your property.

By investing in the reasonably priced professional stump grinding service offered by Raritan Valley Tree Service in East Brunswick, NJ, you’ll not only improve the curbside appeal of your home, but you’ll also protect your home from wood eating insects and prevent dangerous trip and fall injuries. Since we use the latest top-of-the-line stump grinding equipment, our tree service company guarantees we will safely and efficiently grind the tree stumps and the root system completely without damaging your landscape.

Learn more about Raritan Valley Tree Service’s stump grinding services and to receive a free estimate, call (732) 422-0351 to speak to a member of our tree service team in East Brunswick, NJ.


The Advantages of Stump Grinding in Middlesex and Somerset Counties

At Raritan Valley Tree Service, our highly trained and owner-supervised stump grinding specialists use the best stump grinding equipment in the industry to reduce the stumps and the complete tree roots system into wood chips. You have the option of having our team remove the wood chips or we can leave them for you to use for mulch. In fact, many homeowners plant beautiful flower gardens where we removed the tree stump.

Some of the benefits of stump grinding compared to other stump removal methods are as follows:

Stump removal treatments sold at home improvement stores contain toxic chemicals that are harmful, and in some cases deadly, to children and pets. Stump grinding does not use any chemicals.
Manually digging out the stump leaves a large hole that must be filled. In addition, removal of the root system requires digging in a large area surrounding the stump, which leads to lawn and garden damage. Since the wood chips fill the space when we grind the stump, the need to purchase fill material is eliminated. Additionally, the stump grinding techniques to remove tree roots used by our crews does not damage the surrounding lawn or gardens.
If the homeowner opts not to remove the root system left after tree removal, there is a chance new trees will sprout from runners from the old roots. The property owner then incurs the cost of removing the new trees.

Whether you need to have stumps removed on a property you recently purchased or you are removing hazardous trees from your yard, our owner supervised stump grinding crews will safely get rid of the stumps completely and efficiently.

Call (732) 422-0351 today to schedule a time for the Raritan Valley Tree Service stump grinding specialists to remove dangerous and unsightly tree stumps from your property safely and at an affordable price.

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