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Professional Hazardous Tree Removal Services

While healthy, well-maintained trees bring beauty, shade and value to your yard, trees that have reached the need of their lifespan, significantly infected with disease, or infested with insects put your loved ones and property at risk. A tree with a compromised root system may fall unexpectedly on a breezy day. Large limbs weakened by insects may give way suddenly under the strain of their own weight. If your tree falls on your neighbor’s yard and causes property damage or personal injury, the court will hold you liable and financially responsible for these damages. The safest, most cost-effective way to eliminate the risk posed by hazardous trees is to hire an arborist-led tree service, such as Raritan Valley Tree Service, to handle the removal of the tree.

Safe Tree Removal

Removing hazardous trees requires contracting with a fully licensed and insured tree service company like Raritan Valley Tree Service. Diseased, decayed, or insect infested trees require a structural assessment before our crews start work to determine how the limbs and trunk will fall. Trees that have hollows or decayed limbs often fall in an unexpected direction because of their uneven weight distribution. Our tree removal specialists are experts in developing and executing tree cutting plans that prevent injury and property damage.

Are you concerned about the health of your trees? Contact the experts at Raritan Valley Tree Service at (732) 422-0351 for an onsite evaluation of your trees for a custom tree service plan that is also budget friendly.


Key Benefits of the Service

While our crew can simply haul away the limbs, trunk, and other debris after we cut down the tree, you offer our customers a number of different options including:

  We can grind the disease and insect free parts of the tree for use as mulch in your flower beds
  Your property value increases many times initial value
 Our team can split the truck parts into firewood
  We also offer stump grind and stump removal services

Unsure what option is best for you? Call at (732) 422-0351
to contact the tree removal experts at Raritan Valley Tree Service to schedule an onsite evaluation and custom tree removal plan that fits your budget.

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