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Trust the Care of Your Trees to Our Certified Arborist

For more than 35 years, property owners have trusted the expertise of our Certified Arborist at Raritan Valley Tree Service to maintain their trees in optimal health.

services_arboristOne way Raritan Valley Tree Service in New Brunswick, NJ distinguishes itself from other tree service contractors in Middlesex County, NJ, Somerset County, NJ, and nearby communities is by having a Certified Arborist on staff who advises and supervises our crews. Our Certified Arborist has undergone advanced specialized training in all aspects of the cultivation and care of trees. In addition, in order to receive certification arborists must pass a rigorous examination developed by an international group of the most respected expert arborists. Furthermore, all Certified Arborists must meet stringent continuing education requirements.

Remember, the healthier your trees are, the more value they add to your property’s resale value. Optimize the health of your trees by trusting their care to our Certified Arborist at Raritan Valley Tree Service.

Certified Arborist Tree Services in Middlesex and Somerset Counties  
Since tree work tends to be hazardous, Certified Arborists also receive training and evaluation of their knowledge of the latest safety best practice and their ability to use these recommended protocols in the field. At Raritan Valley Tree Service, our Certified Arborist is well-versed in the local codes and ordinances pertaining to tree work, which significant decrease the risk of delays to your project due to remedying any code violations. At Raritan Valley Tree Service, we are committed to staying on budget and on schedule when providing top quality tree services in Somerset County, NJ, Middlesex County, NJ, and surrounding areas.

Some examples of the tree services offered or supervised by our Certified Arborist include:

  • Tree pruning and trimming
  • Tree removal
  • Tree planting
  • Consultation
  • Tree health care
  • Tree risk assessments

Enhance the beauty of your trees and extend their lives by scheduling arborist-led tree services by calling Raritan Valley Tree Service at (732) 422-0351 today!  

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