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Professional Tree Pruning Enhances the Health and Appearance of Trees

During the past 35 years, our tree pruning team at Raritan Valley Tree Service has seen the results of homeowner DIY tree pruning attempts that have not gone well. In some cases, the tree merely appears misshapen, while others have had so many branches removed, the viability of the tree is at risk. By hiring a certified arborist-led tree service, you ensure your trees are pruned at the right time of year and the appropriate techniques are used when cutting their branches.


Trust the Tree Pruning Experts
Proper tree pruning requires extensive knowledge of the specific needs of different types of trees. Using their extensive expertise in tree care, our tree service experts develop a tree pruning schedule appropriate for the different tree species on your property.

Some of the other factors our arborist-led tree service experts take into account when developing a tree pruning plan include:

  The age of the tree
  The condition of the soil in which the tree is planted
 The amount of sun, water, and wind exposure
  The predisposition to decay associated with particular tree species

Our tree trimming crews also have the skills to use the specific cutting techniques to shape the tree, remove limbs, or reduce the length of branches. The type and angle of the cuts used to trim branches and limbs affect the future growth of the tree. Additionally, our crews take care to ensure that when they remove limbs from a tree that the weight distribution of the remaining branches is even to avoid stressing the trunk.

Avoid the expenses associated with preventable tree loss caused by improper pruning by calling the tree pruning experts at Raritan Valley Tree Service at (732) 422-0351.

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The Benefits of Professional Tree Pruning
By investing in routine professional tree pruning services, you’ll find that your trees not only look healthier, but they also live longer than trees that do not have regular care.

Some of the examples of the other benefits of routine tree pruning include:

  The trunk and main limbs of the tree grow stronger, which makes them less susceptible to storm damage.
  The crown of the tree appears full and lush with an abundance of healthy leaves.
 Flowering ornamental trees have more blooms that fuller and larger than those on trees that are not pruned.
  Pruned fruit and nut trees produce a more abundant harvest than trees that are not properly maintained.

When you contract with Raritan Valley Tree Service, our certified arborist will evaluate the trees on your property and use the assessment to develop a budget-friendly tree pruning plan to optimize the health of your trees. Once you approve the plan, you can depend on our team to arrive on time, work efficiently, and remove the brush from your yard. Our owner supervises all work onsite so you know the work is done right.

Call Raritan Valley Tree Service at
(732) 422-0351 today to schedule professional tree pruning services to extend the life of your trees and so they look their best.