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Many property owners don’t realize the fragility of their tree’s roots system when they trench near their trees. Avoid damaging the roots of your trees by contracting with Raritan Valley Tree Service for arborist-supervised air spading service in Middlesex County, NJ, Somerset County NJ, and surrounding communities.

While your trees appear hardy and robust, their roots systems can be easily damaged, which increases the chances of decay, disease, and insect infestation. Some preventable causes of root damage include the following:

Soil compaction due to overwatering, construction, or the composition of the soil
Disturbance, nicks, or severing of roots during trenching or excavation
Trees that are not planted deep enough in the soil may grow weak root system due to exposure to the elements and pressure on the soil.

As an arborist-led tree service, our team at Raritan Valley Tree Service recommends customers take advantage of our professional air spading services. Air spading involves using highly compressed air to break up compacted soil around tree roots without damaging them. Due to the use of pneumatic equipment that releases air moving at 1200 mph, air spading is not suited for DIY projects, especially since specialized safety equipment is needed. Our certified arborist advises the use of air spading in a variety of situations, including diagnosing and treating trees with signs of root problems and when doing excavation work.

Learn more about air spading and its benefits by calling (732) 422-0351 to speak to the experts at Raritan Valley Tree Service today!


Uses of Air Spading in Middlesex and Somerset Counties

As a locally-owned fully insured tree service in East Brunswick, NJ, our highly trained air spading specialists at Raritan Valley Tree Service have had the opportunity to use air spading for numerous different applications.

Some examples of the uses of air spading include:

Loosening heavy, densely packed soil around tree roots to improve air and water circulation and to increase access to vital nutrients.
To provide access to the roots of trees and shrubs for vertical mulching
Removal of excess mulch and soil around the base of the tree that suffocates its roots
Rehabilitation of improperly planted trees
Trenching for installing of irrigation systems and utility lines
Locating buried pipes and cables near trees and shrubs.

For a free estimate for air spading in Somerset County, NJ, Middlesex County, NJ, and surrounding communities, contact our specialists at Raritan Valley Tree Service at (732) 422-0351. First-time customers receive a 10 percent discount off the cost of their air spading service!

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