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Safe and Efficient Tree Trimming

Low lying tree branches are not only annoying, but they also pose a hazard to people who need to pass by it. In addition, sometimes tree branches grow toward power and utility lines, which increases the risk of service disruptions. While homeowners may find attempt to trim trees themselves, they often do not have the proper equipment or the skills needed to judge where the limb will fall, which may lead to injury or property damage. By hiring Raritan Valley Tree Service, a locally-owned, arborist-led, tree trimming contractor, you can rid your property of dangerous low-lying tree limbs safely.

For prompt, safe, and affordable tree trimming in Somerset, Count, NJ, Middlesex County, NJ, and surrounding communities, call (732) 422-0351 to speak to the experts at Raritan Valley Tree Service.



Signs You Need to Call a Tree Trimming Service

Sometimes property owners do not know the difference between our tree pruning and our tree trimming services. Tree pruning is an essential part of tree care that involves removing specific limbs and branches to shape and to enhance the growth of the tree. Our tree trimming services remove dangerous tree limbs.

Examples of other reasons to call Raritan Valley Tree Service in East Brunswick, NJ for tree trimming services include:

  Remove decayed, diseased, or insect-infested limbs to save the healthy parts of the tree
  Deter wildlife from foraging on the leaves and branches on low tree limbs
 Rehabilitation of neglected and overgrown trees


Do you have questions about our tree pruning and tree trimming services in North Brunswick, NJ and nearby communities?
Call (732) 422-0351 to speak our friendly and knowledgeable tree service providers at Raritan Valley Tree Service.

Fully Licensed and Insured Tree Trimming Contractor in New Jersey

Since we make safety and customer satisfaction our top priorities at Raritan Valley Tree Service, one of our owners who is a New Jersey Licensed Tree Expert provides onsite supervision of our tree trimming crews. Before trimming any limbs, our tree service specialists evaluate their condition and structure in order to determine where the branch will fall. We use the latest state-of-the-art tree service equipment, including a crane and 75-foot bucket truck, to ensure the safety and efficiency of our team.

At Raritan Valley Tree Service, a fully licensed New Jersey Contractor, we carry both professional liability and workman’s compensation insurance for the protection of our clients.

Learn more about our tree trimming services by calling (732) 422-0351 to talk to our experts at Raritan Valley Tree Service.

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