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Removing tree stump improves the appearance of your property, reduces the risk of injury, and adds usable space.

Safe and efficient stump removal requires the use of specialized equipment to minimize damage to other areas of the property. When our Raritan Valley Tree Service team clears lots for development, we are often able to use a backhoe or bulldozer to pull or push the stump out of the ground; however, this approach does not work when we cut and remove trees from landscaped property. When clients want to remove stumps from their property without damaging their lawn or gardens, our arborist and tree service experts recommend Raritan Valley Tree Service’s stump grinding service. We use state-of-the-art stump grinders that fill the space formerly occupied by the stump and root system with the wood chips created when we grind the stump.

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The Value of Professional Stump Removal

Homeowners who attempt to dig out tree stumps manually quickly find the job is much harder than they anticipated. Some trees have very deep root systems while others have roots that spread out from the tree across a wide expanse. The roots systems hold the stump securely in place, which makes removing the heavy stump very difficult. In addition, homeowners often find they have to dig up their lawns and or flower beds to remove the tree roots. Many property owners find the time they spend on DIY stump removal projects, along with the cost of sod and fill for the hole left by the stumps, is actually more expensive than the professional stump removal services offered by Raritan Valley Tree Service.

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