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As a highly regarded tree service contractor serving parts of Somerset County, NJ, parts of Middlesex County NJ, and some surrounding communities, Raritan Valley keeps seasoned hardwoods firewood in stock ready for pickup or delivery.

If you have ever tried to light a fire using green firewood you picked up at the grocery store, you know how long the wood takes to start burning and the amount of soot, smoke, and odor the fire produces. Since unseasoned wood contains as much as 65 percent moisture, the flames must evaporate the water before the wood catches fire. You can avoid the hassle and mess burning green firewood by using fully seasoned firewood since the weathered wood contains less than 20 percent moisture. At Raritan Valley Tree service, we offer split seasoned hardwood logs that will quickly start to burn cleanly and efficiently.

Some of the advantages of using seasoned firewood from Raritan Valley Tree Service in East Brunswick, NJ include the following:

Our high-quality seasoned firewood starts burning quickly and the flames produce very little soot and other particles that can accumulate on the chimney liner.
Since the heat produced by the fire does not have to heat and evaporate excessive moisture in the wood, the fire made using seasoned firewood burn hotter to provide more heat than green firewood, which saves you time and money.
Moisture laden green firewood attracts mold and insects that enter your home when you bring the wood inside to burn. Since seasoned firewood contains so little moisture, it does not attract these pests.

Place an order today for pickup or delivery of seasoned firewood from Raritan Valley Tree Service by calling (732) 422-0351.

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