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Raritan Valley Tree Service proudly offers the following tree services to residential and commercial property owners in Somerset County NJ and surrounding communities:

Tree Cutting and Tree Removal, Tree Pruning and Tree Trimming, Stump Grinding and Stump Removal, Power Line Clearance, Lot Clearing, Air Spading, Firewood, and Emergency Services


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When you hire Raritan Valley you get a company that can safely handle all aspects of tree
care. Whether hired to prune ornamental trees or to remove a tree of any size or difficulty
every job is performed and supervised by the owners.

Tree Removal In Edison NJ

Look no further than Raritan Valley Tree Service if you’re trying to find a tree service in New Brunswick NJ and the rest of the local area that will not break the bank with an astronomically high tree removal cost. Our arborist-led and fully licensed tree removal company has been the top choice of property owners for over thirty years thanks to our comprehensive services. Our customers rely on our highly trained and skilled tree cutting and tree removal crews to work safely, quickly, and efficiently. We also make certain that our teams handling tree service have the latest when it comes to tree service tools, such as bucket trucks. This way they can be most effective in regards to making certain damage to your property is prevented. To take advantage of our competitive tree removal costs as well as our unsurpassed customer service, get in touch with Raritan Valley Tree Service if you need a tree service in Edison NJ today!

Tree Service Edison NJ

Are you trying to find a tree service in New Brunswick NJ and the rest of the nearby area that will offer outstanding quality in regards to cutting and removal services while making sure prices remain reasonable? Raritan Valley Tree Service is a top choice. We provide homeowners prompt removal of unsafe diseased and damaged trees, which assists families in avoiding injury and prevent damage to their fences, cars, and houses. A lot of trees have root systems that cause disruption and damage to sidewalks and driveways, which is another reason we wind up performing removal. We can additionally help with site preparation for commercial customers by providing a wide range of services such as tree cutting, tree removal, stump removal and stump grinding. Our tree services also include selective tree cutting and balanced tree trimming to provide for utility line clearance. To learn more about what we’re capable of offering when you need a tree service in Edison NJ and how we keep your tree removal cost low, contact our tree specialists at Raritan Valley Tree Service.

Tree Service Company Edison NJ

One of the best ways to minimize, or even eliminate, your cost for tree removal in New Brunswick NJ and the rest of the nearby area is to contract for regular tree services provided by an arborist-led tree service such as Raritan Valley Tree Service. Our certified arborist is capable of assessing the condition of your trees and then complete a tree service plan to keep the trees on your property in optimal health during an on site comprehensive tree evaluation. In the event our arborist discovers signs of disease, insect infestation, or other conditions that compromise the health of your trees, he will recommend specialized tree services to remediate the problem. He will recommend air spading to facilitation the flow of water, air, and nutrients to the roots of the tree if telltale signs of root compaction are discovered, for example. Other examples of routine tree services we provide include fertilization, tree pruning, tree trimming, and disease prevention. Prevent an unnecessary cost for tree removal in Edison NJ by taking advantage of professional arborist-led tree services by getting in touch with Raritan Valley Tree Service.

Tree Cutting Edison NJ

Raritan Valley Tree Services will occasionally provide discounts on tree services, which includes tree cutting and tree removal to make expert tree service in New Brunswick NJ and the rest of the local area more affordable. Get in touch with the team at Raritan Valley Tree Service right away to find out more about how we serve our valued clients with low prices.

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