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Raritan Valley Tree Service proudly offers the following tree services to residential and commercial property owners in Somerset County NJ and surrounding communities:

Tree Cutting and Tree Removal, Tree Pruning and Tree Trimming, Stump Grinding and Stump Removal, Power Line Clearance, Lot Clearing, Air Spading, Firewood, and Emergency Services


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When you hire Raritan Valley you get a company that can safely handle all aspects of tree
care. Whether hired to prune ornamental trees or to remove a tree of any size or difficulty
every job is performed and supervised by the owners.

Tree Cutting Contractor Middlesex County NJ

Raritan Valley Tree Service has been a top option among homeowners looking for a tree service contractor in New Brunswick NJ and surrounding areas for over thirty five years. You do not need to try to maintain your trees on your own. There is a good chance which any homeowner is going to have to have tree maintenance performed at some stage. One might even need to be removed completely. If you aren’t a tree removal expert, this is not a service you want to try to perform by yourself. Even when you have done a great deal of research this is not something you should attempt. Sometimes following blizzards, hurricanes, or other severe weather, finding a qualified tree service contractor in Middlesex County NJ is first on the priority list. A good, trustworthy tree service company like Raritan Valley Tree Service is capable of helping you have any tree taken off of your property, while keeping the tree removal cost affordable.

Tree Service Middlesex County NJ

There are many reasons why it’s crucial to call a professional tree removal contractor in New Brunswick NJ and surrounding areas for this type of project. Obtaining service from a company which is well respected is crucial, but when your property has been damaged by hazardous weather this is especially true. When it comes to the biggest investments you’re going to make in your life, your house is likely to be one of, if not the biggest. This means that you’re going to want to keep it safe from falling or fallen trees. The branches from these trees are capable of causing considerable damage to home property. Are you considering an add on to your existing home? It’s important to consider that you might need the assistance of someone experienced in tree removal. These are a few situations you could find yourself in, and Raritan Valley Tree Service is here to help when you’re searching for a tree cutting service in Middlesex County NJ.

Tree Service Contractor Middlesex County NJ

Prevention is key when it comes to tree service in New Brunswick NJ and the surrounding area. A regular evaluation from a professional tree contractor can ensure their health in the long term much like visiting a doctor regularly is capable of helping prevent more serious medical issues. Having a full tree removal performed is capable of being extremely expensive. It’s also capable of being very costly if you wait to long and have to deal with personal injury or property damage, especially if you’re liable for property damage or injury to others. Instead it’s important to think of tree service as a great investment. Together with the cost saving aspects, having the knowledge that this is going to be taken care of will ensure you have the peace of mind you need to go about your daily routine. Are you searching for a top choice for a tree removal service in Middlesex County NJ or the rest of the local region? You’re capable of depending on the specialists at Raritan Valley Tree Service.

Tree Removal [New Brunswick NJ]

When you’ve had a tree removal in New Brunswick NJ or the rest of the local region, some contractors are going to leave the stump behind. Some customers even think this is a great means of saving money, thinking it’s not that important. However, the potential to decrease your property’s curb appeal and therefore your property value is increased if you have an unsightly stump on your property. When you are thinking about selling later on this can be a substantial problem. Stumps are easy to trip over, meaning they’re a safety hazard which needs to be taken into consideration, particularly if you’ve got kids playing on your property. Mowing the lawn can also be made more challenging. The fact that stumps can additionally be a breeding ground for pests is one more reason to avoid having them around. Contacting a professional for stump removal services is going to make sure this is something you never have to worry about. All you have to do is contact Raritan Valley Tree Service when you’re searching for a top tree cutting service in Middlesex County NJ or the rest of the local area for top quality stump grinding services.

Tree Removal Contractor Middlesex County NJ

We’re capable of helping you with all of your requirements for seasoned firewood together with being a top choice for a tree service in New Brunswick NJ or the rest of the local region. You might not realize exactly how much you’re missing out if you’re purchasing firewood at the local grocery store. The top quality we provide will be sure to suit your requirements whatever they might be. If you buy wood at the local grocery store, it will have a higher moisture content. The higher moisture content means the fire is going to be more difficult to light and take more time to get going. This is because the moisture is going to have to evaporate first. A burn that’s more efficient and clean and will get going quicker is the result of the substantially lower moisture content of the seasoned firewood we offer at Raritan Valley Tree Service. Soot is capable of accumulating on the lining of your chimney, which is another problem with store bought firewood. Our top quality firewood comparatively will produce significantly less soot. When you’re searching for premium quality seasoned firewood from a leading choice for tree service in Middlesex County NJ or the rest of the local area, you’re able to rely on Raritan Valley Tree Service.

Firewood Middlesex County NJ

You need look no further than Raritan Valley Tree Service When you are looking for seasoned firewood for sale in New Brunswick NJ or surrounding areas. Buying wood from a tree service contractor like Raritan Valley Tree Service offers benefits compared with simply purchasing at your local grocery store. We use only high quality wood. This way a great smell and effective burn is something you can be sure of. For weathered wood in Middlesex County NJ or the rest of the local area, Raritan Valley Tree Service is your top choice.

Tree Cutting Service Middlesex County NJ

When the trees on your property have seen better days we can help you with a wide array of types of tree service in New Brunswick NJ and surrounding areas. When there are dying or rotting trees in your yard, they aren’t only an eyesore but they can be downright dangerous. A tree service contractor is capable of helping you renovate your yard, and actually increase the value of your home. Pests and fungi can devour a tree, rendering it a hazard to your home. A common ailment your trees might suffer from is canker tree disease. This is caused by fungi and is an illness which affects hardwood deciduous trees. Cankers begin by appearing on a tree’s bark and the disease eventually makes its way into the insides of the tree. Eventually tree cutting is not always the solution to cankers. A much safer means of protecting your home is getting in touch with a tree service contractor in Middlesex County NJ to remove the tree. A falling tree can result in devastation which you should never risk. Instead get in touch with a tree service provider like Raritan Valley Tree Service. We can help maintain your property’s safety.

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