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Raritan Valley Tree Service proudly offers the following tree services to residential and commercial property owners in Somerset County NJ and surrounding communities:

Tree Cutting and Tree Removal, Tree Pruning and Tree Trimming, Stump Grinding and Stump Removal, Power Line Clearance, Lot Clearing, Air Spading, Firewood, and Emergency Services


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When you hire Raritan Valley you get a company that can safely handle all aspects of tree
care. Whether hired to prune ornamental trees or to remove a tree of any size or difficulty
every job is performed and supervised by the owners.

Firewood Plainsboro NJ

If you want your trees to look the best they can this Spring and Summer, hiring an expert for tree service in New Brunswick NJ and surrounding areas like Raritan Valley Tree Service is a smart idea. Because our owner is a certified arborist, we offer more tree services than just tree cutting and removal as he’s trained in all aspects of tree cultivation, care, assessment, and maintenance. The fact that we supply air spading to prevent roof damage is one such example. We additionally provide commercial tree services, like tree cutting and lot clearing to make sure you have adequate utility line clearance. When you’re in need of an expert tree service in Plainsboro NJ at an affordable price, call Raritan Tree Service.

Tree Service New Brunswick NJ

To ensure the beauty and health of your property’s trees following winter storms, calling in an arborist led tree service in New Brunswick NJ and surrounding areas is essential after a winter storm. Our owner, who is a highly-credentialed arborist, has the training, knowledge, and skills to assess trees damaged by storms to come up with a plan for restoring them to health in order to avoid the requirement for tree removal. There are instances where all our tree service pros need to do is smoothing the exposed wood where a branch broke away from the trunk. This allows the wound to be covered by bark to prevent insect infestation. Sometimes, damage from storms can be more subtle, for instance a fine crack in a limb. This means determining whether a tree cutting plan needs to be developed or whether it is better for the tree to be permitted to mend on its own is a choice best left in the hands of someone with a great deal of experience. Our owner, who is a certified arborist, not only evaluates your trees but additionally supervises the crew when they’re doing the tree cutting on your property. You’re not only going to save money now but your trees will be lush and full this spring by taking advantage of the service provided by Raritan Valley Tree Service when you need a tree removal service in Plainsboro NJ.

Tree Removal Company Plainsboro NJ

At Raritan Valley, if you’re trying to find a premium quality tree service contractor in New Brunswick NJ and surrounding areas, we are proud of the quality we are capable of supplying. For homeowners, our team will use the most cutting edge tree removal equipment so they will be capable of taking the tree down safely and avoid damaging your property. Grinding the stump so the area is ready for a new tree or garden is another service we’ll perform. As a top choice for a first rate commercial tree service in Plainsboro NJ, our highly trained and skilled tree cutting and removal specialists efficiently clear lots and safely remove trees near utility lines. Given the quality of our tree services and the skill of our tree cutting and removal teams, you might expect Raritan Valley Tree Service to charge much more than other local contractors. You’ll be happy to find out that the prices for our tree services are comparable or even lower than our competition. Are you interested in our obtaining the services of an arborist led tree service? Get in touch with Raritan Valley Tree Service today and schedule a complimentary tree evaluation from a trusted expert.

Tree Removal Plainsboro NJ

Is seasoned firewood delivery in New Brunswick NJ or the rest of the local area something you’re searching for? We’ve got your needs covered at Raritan Valley Tree Service. Even though the quality of your wood is capable of making a significant difference, it is something many homeowners don’t think about. Wood that isn’t properly seasoned has more moisture content. This means it requires more energy to light. More pests are capable of being attracted into your home with unseasoned firewood which is another factor to consider. This isn’t something any homeowner ever wants. Don’t go anywhere else when you need firewood delivery in Plainsboro NJ or the rest of the local area. If you’re in need of seasoned firewood in Plainsboro NJ or the rest of the local area, give Raritan Valley Tree Service a call today.

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