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Clearing tree and trimming branches near live power lines is dangerous work requiring the specialized training and equipment we provide our power line clearance team at Raritan Valley Tree Service.

Since the power lines running through your neighborhood carry at least 7 – 13 kV, doing any type of work around them, including tree work, is especially dangerous. When you take into account the height factors involved in trimming tree branches with sharp metal tools, the hazards of power line clearance work are exceptional. Homeowners and others who have not completed the specialized training required to remove trees and trim limbs near power lines should not attempt to do this work.

Trust Raritan Valley Tree Service in East Brunswick, NJ for your residential, commercial, and municipal power line tree service in Middlesex County, NJ, and nearby areas.

Advanced Training and Certification Required for Safe Power Line Clearance Tree Services

At Raritan Valley Tree Services, our New Jersey Licensed Tree Experts authorized to do powerline clearance work receive rigorous, in-depth training to learn and reinforce the specialized knowledge and advanced skills needed to work safely near electrified power lines. Power line clearance tree service specialists must pass extensive knowledge and skill tests before we hire them. In addition, they must complete refresher classes and skill building training to ensure they adhere to the latest industry practices issued by the International Society for Arboriculture and the National Arborist Association for tree work around power lines.

For safe and affordable power line clearance tree services in Somerset County NJ and surrounding communities, call (732) 422-0351 to schedule an appointment with Raritan Valley Tree Service today!

Raritan Valley Tree Service’s Power Line Clearance Safety Practices

As a locally-owned, highly-rated tree service contractor in North Brunswick, NJ, Raritan Valley attends to every detail to ensure the safety of your family, friends, and neighbors, as well as our crew, when we do power line clearance work. Our teams use our 75-foot bucket truck to work safely around the power lines using insulated equipment. In addition, we provide our crew with fall prevention and protection gear. Our power line tree service experts always work in pairs and they do not work in poor weather conditions to prevent accidents.

The Advantage of an Arborist-Led Power Line Clearance Tree Service

At one time, property owners dreaded crews clearing limbs around power lines because they tended to top the crown of the trees, which led to decay and disease. In contrast, our tree service experts, under the supervision of a certified arborist, use directional pruning. This tree trimming technique involves removing only the branches growing toward the power line. Since more leaves are left on the branches and limbs, the tree is stronger and more disease, insect, and decay resistant when trimmed using directional pruning practices.

To learn more about Raritan Valley Tree Service’s power line clearance tree services, call (732) 422-0351 to speak to a member of our team.

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